What's Your Perfect Cup Of Tea? Take This Quiz And Find Out!

This quiz will help you discover the best tea to drink based on your individual preferences and needs. Your responses will  generate personalized tea recommendations suited to your unique circumstances, provide details on specific tea types you may enjoy, and how to brew them. Let's start.

 Are you ? 

 A. Child/ Teenager                  B. Adult                                  C. Senior                            

 D. Pregnant                            E. Sensitive To caffeine   

1. Caffeine Preference:

Consider when and how often you plan to drink tea so you can choose caffeine levels accordingly.

Do you prefer:

A. High caffeine                       B. Moderate caffeine            C. Low caffeine                        

D. No caffeine please              E. No Preference

2. What Are Your Goals for Drinking Tea?   

When choosing a tea, it's helpful to think about what you want to get out of it 

A .Energy                                 B. Relaxation.                      C. Health benefits                  

D. Flavor                                  E. Just because

3. Taste Preferences:  

What flavors do you enjoy in your tea? Do you like teas that are:   

A. Fruity                                 B. Floral                                       C. Earthy                          

D. Spicy                                 E. Others ____________________________

4. Health Conditions:  

Do you suffer from any of these?     

A. Anxiety Disorders              B. Digestion                            C. Diabetes                                  

D. Others _______________________                               E. None- I'm healthy!

5. Medications:

Some medications may interact with the caffeine or other compounds found in tea. It's important to ask about any medications you are taking.

A. Blood thinners                    B. Antidepressants                  C.  Antibiotics          

D. Others   ________________________                             E. none- I rock!


That's it.  Thank you for taking our quiz. We will send you the recommendations based from your answers to your email. Remember these are only recommendations and we encourage you to let your doctor or pharmacists  know about your drinking habits.


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