What Is An Advent Calendar?
What is an Advent Calendar? The word 'advent' means 'approach' or 'coming.' It comes from the Latin verb 'adveni' which means 'to come.' Advent is the Christian season that precedes Christ's birth in the letters of St. Germanus of Auximum to his sister. St. Germanus wrote about the celebration of the four holy seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. He also mentioned the preparation for the coming of Christ during these seasons. In addition to commemorating Christ's birth, Advent is a time for preparation and spiritual reflection. The four weeks leading up to Christmas are commonly referred to as Advent. Each day of the holiday has a particular tradition associated with it- such as Christmas gifts or private prayer. 

Advent calendars allow people to learn about the holiday without fully celebrating it. The first Europian invention of the modern era; an advent calendar, under Joseph Grolla, was sold at Neuilly, France on December 18th 1873 to Charles Poins Aulinger, IV Duke de Chablais. The first calendar was a wooden one with a round shape and 24 openings. Each day of the calendar had a different decoration and a special song to go with it. It was first made in Germany and became popular among German Lutherans in the 1800s.

 Advent calendars have many uses. Some use them to learn about the different traditions surrounding each day of Christmas without fully celebrating it. For instance, each day of the calendar features a traditional decoration or gift for children. Each day also features a prayer or meditation that helps people prepare spiritually for Christmas. Some people use an advent calendar to celebrate all four of the holidays simultaneously. They prepare for Hanukkah by celebrating Advent first and performing rituals during this period. They also celebrate Easter by performing Passover rituals during this period. 

 Advent is a time for preparation and spiritual reflection as people look forward to Christ's birth into history's greatest light. It is a time for families to come together and celebrate Christmas; it is also a time for individuals to celebrate their faith in their own way.

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